Friday, 31 December 2010

Petite Nendoroid review - Saber

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! This is the first post for 2011 in the blog and i shall start with a review of the petite nendoroid that i got during my KL trip.

So whats a petite nendoroid? here is a copy pasta definition for you:

"Nendoroid Petit are smaller versions of the regular Nendoroids about the size of gachapon but again of better quality and paint work."

So i grabbed myself a box of Petite Nendoroid during Comic Fiesta 2010 in KL and lucky me that i got none other than ....

Saber!! haha i was pleased with the quality of this figure... not to mention this figure is small but still made with awesome detail and coloring. Size comparison will be shown by the end of this post.

Here is a front and back view of the figure. Ill say it again that im pretty impressed with the details of the figure the fact that it is quite small to begin with. The figure comes with a clear base stand where Saber is being supported with a clear ball joint support at her back. you can move her around the base stand though you dont have much space to move it around. As expected from Good smile company, it really make you have a good smile over their products lol.

A close up view of the great detailling made on her armor and Excalibur. The armor and sword had a nice metallic effect on the paint which makes the figure less plastic like which is another +1 from me. Being a plastic modeller, painting the figure with metallic spray would cost them more and it ensure to make your figure more nicer to look at. lol wth im rambling here. The third picture is another closer look of the clear ball-support joint.

Here's a view of the face and the side view too. The eye details are pretty amazing. It catches the cuteness of saber in chibi form. the hair coloring was done in yellow paint with darker shades at the bangs and such. Her antenna hair is quite thick and it wont get broken easily.

Now comes the height comparison on how tall this petite nendoroid is, the figure is like 6 cm tall and its not more than 3 coins tall of varying values. you can even say that its only as tall as an average human thumb, thats why i kept emphasizing on the size and detail of the figure!

So for every review post, the final verdict will be made on variety aspects of the figure and i'll also give my personal opinion and ratings to it:

Size: Obviously from the name of the product series, It is really small and cute, you can put it on display almost anywhere, say at your desktop, car dashboard, bedroom and shelves! just be sure to blu-tac it on place cos you might lose it easily due to its size-

Colors: As expected from Good smile company, the figure is nicely color and detailed! not much things i can say at this section as the figure is nicely colored and shaded.

Articulation: For the petite series, there is not much articulation going on except the armor skirt for saber is movable / rotatable which is not really much. this is to add a sense of flowness i guess.

Assembly difficulty: Not much assembly is required for nendoroid petite, i just have to pop in the head, arms, legs together and assmble the stand and then your done.

The accuracy of the figure stay true to the anime and visual novels which you can see from the armor and sword designs. kudos to Good Smile company once again!

Overall Rating :


Personal comment:
As Someone who is a sucker for cute things or if your a fan of Saber, i totally recommend to get from this figure series, though it usually sell in sets instead of individual boxes, I guess im lucky to be able to get this one on its own and even getting Saber is already a huge stroke of luck for me. Stay tuned on the next review in the future, Thanks for reading!!


Btw, saber's head is as big as a 50 cent coin LOL

Thursday, 30 December 2010

sneak preview

Before i make a huge post on model stuff, let me post some preview pictures on what im working on currently ;)

Guess which Gundam this is lol, im done with the main body actually and will work on the weapons and Fin Funnel system later on wow!

First post

Hello people!

Haha... i dont know why i want to start blogging all of a sudden since blog are so last millenium LOL i guess i want to take time and share my works and hobbies in this page.

I also want to improve my writing and english more as i lack both reading and practise in English, hopefully i dont end up posting mixed broken language in this blog hahaha of course not!

So i guess thats all from me, ill slowly build up this page, revamping here and there and adding my own banner, so stay tuned people and Happy New Year!!

P/s - random photos found in the net/personal will be posted to end my every entry to make the blog more... interesting hahaha. Will credit if i found the source of the images wow!