Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Finally i manage to sort  and pick photos of my Sinanju model. Theyre not the best pictures in the world but i guess theyre still viewable-

Took me more than 1.5 months to build this model on and off. I dont really did all of the decals because it ruins the platinum finish surface that i did on this kit. So far i enjoyed working on this and also the sheer detail of the model is really awesome :) !! Do note that  at some picture when i expose at too much lighting, the model starts giving out  the yellow shine which comes from the gold layer paint under the red color lol. And i also want to apologise if there are some repeating poses.. I had too muchf un with it :P Anyways enjoy the pic~

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

[Gallery] Mega Size RX 78-2

Greetings earthlings! im done with my Mega size model.. its a fun built with not much part so fix but the panel outline is amazing 8) the articulation is not bad too and theres little amount of decals to set in.

I havent completely finish with it though!! cause i want to add... ''effects'' on it ;D

On another news  im done with my Sinanju photoshoot! but ill be sorting and resizing it soon for upload :D in the mean time enjoy!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sinanju Complete + Mega Size WIP

Hello peeps im sorry for the lack of updates! ive been occupied with school works again >.< finally after working on this thing for almost 1+ month, ive finally finished with my Sinanju!

I've actually finish  the painting and assembly last month but doing the decals is a nightmare! so many small decals to put -.-; its so ridiculos so i dont really place all of them because it would cover the shiny platinum finish surface which defeats the purpose of me doing that mod in the first place :S

Anyways here are a simple shots for now, i will set up a photoshoot really soon :D More pics under the cut!