Saturday, 29 January 2011

[Gallery] MG Super Saiyan Son Goku (airbrush and effects)

Greetings people! i finally finish with my MG son goku ;D airbrushing is definitely fun but you have to get used to it first :S hopefully i will get better and better eventually! in the mean time enjoy the gallery~

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Front view. So cool!

Back view. Just like in the first OP!

Details of his spiky golden hair

Normal face

Angry (pangsai) face

Angled View

Details of his muscles


And a selected few, CG effects is added with Photoshop!

This angle view is the same as the panel in manga when he first turn Super Saiyan!

Just like in the cover of the manual


The obligatory 180 degree split!

And lastly...

How do i shoot kame hame Ha?

Goku : " I dunno LOL"

Thanks for viewing!

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