Sunday, 2 January 2011

Digimon Reboot - Dukemon Coming soon!

Good day dear readers, today i wont be writing any figure reviews since im still trying to finish up my current MG that im working on (plus ive been occupied with MH3 and preparation for new term, oh my) but i do want to share out this scan of the recent Digimon Reboot figure series

I almost grabbed the Omnimon during my KL trip but decided not to after having second thoughts since im not much of a fan of him, something about two heads stuck on both hands doesnt really look fancy to me. Though im interested on that rough sketch on the right of the scan =D !!

Yes, Bandai is going to release Dukemon (Gallantmon for english) Reboot model next!! i find him more cooler than Omnimon actually (its a friggin knight Digimon in a shining armor LOL) plus it can go to crimson mode that sprout seraphic wings (+1) Ill be on a look out when they release it in the future tee hee.

The original Dukemon image:

Dukemon Crimson mode:

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