Tuesday, 15 February 2011

[WIP] Sinanju MG progress #2

Hello again dear readers, how's everyone doing?  here is another progress i made today on my sinanju MG! follow the link below to see the progress pic ^^ so many things happening today where i learnt a lot through trial and error s:

more here! wow!

 This are the red parts for Sinanju conveniently stickto the paper with double sided tape ( Btw i re-used the previous paper that was used to stick the inner-frame! i just flip it the other side and voila hahaha )

Some close-up view of the red parts before being air brushed

Close-up view of the red parts before being air brushed 

 Good thing the day today was fair and sunny! air brushing goes outside this time O:

 First thing's first... the parts will be sprayed with a primer so that the spray can stick to the parts easily! This was the fun part where  everything turns to white hehehe

 jeng jeng jeng! everything is pure white now~ .. and i used up all of the primer spray OTL one canned finished for a good cause--

 Yummy white primers... maybe i should have made my Sinanju white instead LOL!

 More shots

And now.. time to spray them with gold (?!?) spray!! why you say? well just see later..

 The gold spray wasnt that bad at all!! they really shine well especially when sprayed above a primer :DDDD

pika pika they shine under the sun wow!

 The actual air brushing begins now...

 So like maybe i should had made my sinanju golden scheme instead.. LOL so indecisive

Tadaa- by spraying clear red paint over the golden layer, you will result in a nice metallic / titanium like finish!! The first layer wasnt enough... i wait it to dry out first

 This is a result of doing 2-3 layers of spray S: there are some golden bits left in here

 A close up view of the sprayed parts!

So like.. a lot of paint bottles and spray were sacrificed on this progress.. I used up one can of large white surface primer, a can of tamiya gold spray, two bottles of Tamiya clear red paint and now im using Gaia's clear orange  lacquer paint to do the finishing coat.. its been a long day and ive been breating in a lot of  toxic chemicals already! ( lol no la i wore a face mask of course~)

will post more soon :3 thanks for viewing!!

P/s - Working with Lacquer paint is so Bitchy Slap Whore Sandora bahamas


  1. Rai,i was abit surprised when i see all the parts are still stick on to the paper when ure using airbrush? the point to that was to save the paint from a can spray,u have more control when using airbrush and u need to move/sway ur hand and the parts when painting with AB. i think its hard to do that when the parts are stick on the paper right? after a few coats of the red, i can see that some of the paint coverage is overkill, dont u think?

    DECAN the spray can and primer and use it on ur AB, that way you can save more and stop sticking the parts to the paper. if ure trying to achieve the shiny metal looking there are many ways to achieve this, usually people use either enamel and lacquer cos those types are more shinier finish. and if ure planning on painting more models i suggest u buy a respirator. a mask wont do if ure spraying lacquer or enamel.

    modeling, modeling jua.. kesihatan penting tu =) haha. hope this helps. cheers

  2. thanks for the comment and tips 20first!! yeah ah... im still new at Airbrushing, some of the parts a bit overspray cos i went happy trigger with it DX thats why trial and error much S:

    yeah spraying the underside of the parts when its sticked to the paper is hard.. i know some people use skewer (satay) sticks with blu tac or clips to hold onto the parts but i need to get a hold of those in masses 8D ... and im trying to use as much paint bottles over spray can due to cost efficient... i am on a budget after all orz

    and ok ill try to find out what is this respirator thingy o: i dont really like my face mask cos i can still smell the fume -.-;

  3. Hey np,actually ure doing good for a beginner.i guess the best way to learn about painting is thru experiene with trial and error, but a lil knowledge wud also help right? i agree with u, u shudnt stick it anymore so that u can have more control of the paint and the surface ure spraying. satay sticks and aligator clips shud work, i think 10bn is enuf if ure doing an MG.

    Since ure using AB, forget abt spraying from cans. i usually buy spray cans and decanned it and put it inside an empty bottle. just make sure u label it though (acrylic,enamel or lacquer) u dont wanna mix that up lol. ull be surprised how much parts can u spray this way =) besides u dont have to thin the paint since its already been thinned. cant wait to see the result, are u gna top coat it? with what?

  4. Ill try the decanning method next time yeah... now im more towards cost efficient and thinning paints is not that hard and actually fun XD;; !!

    And yes im going to top coat it to protect the decals and the spray color!! most probably its going to be a gloss finish o:

  5. good tutorial dude, have a visit to my blog... not much anyway.. still under "learning-phase" heheh