Wednesday, 10 August 2011

[GALLERY] MSN-06S Sinanju SD (Knight color)

Here is a quick and simple build of Sinanju :)! Not really a fan of the SD series but i thought this looks cool when i did a quick airbrush work on it and did this for a friend...Gah need to topcoat it soon as the colors are chipping away fast -.-; enjoy!!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

[Gallery] Mega Size Zaku II

Finally im done with my Zaku waku  S: !! I didnt do much on this kit, just assemble, paint a bit of pink here and there to add the two-tone effects, panel outline and top coat  it ;D Wanted to do more like making the grey parts to be metallic but alas i dont have enough resource for that.. in the mean time enjoy the gallery!!

Sorry if the photos are very grainy and blurry.. Im using a very old camera LOL so loads of editting going on here enjoy~