Tuesday, 18 January 2011

[Gallery] MG Hi-Nu Gundam (RX-93-V2) 1/100

Heya guys finally im done with my Hi-nu Gundam kit!! enjoy the pictures!

Gallery pic is under the cut!

Frontal shot without the backpack

Close up front view. i applied some extra decals on the chest and cockpit area

Mug shot view

Angled view, showing more decal details

My Hi-nu kinda fell down and hit the chest part, hence the slight dirt OTL

Skirts and decals!

Decals on arm

Decals on the rocket backpack thing

Back shot. Note the thrusters are colored

Back shot without backpacks

Leg shots

Decals on the arms

Back view with backpack!

Side view with backpack

Decal details on the wing backpack

Action pose goes to the rest of the pics!!

Ill write the reviews some other day ok!! hehe

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