Thursday, 22 September 2011

[WIP] MG 00 Raiser

Hi people!! sorry for the very... long hiatus LOL i mostly update my Gunpla life on an FB group page -.-; feel so lazy to update blog instead booo lol but have no fear! i come with moar photos and progress of my current project :) 00 Raiser MG!!! I just finished spraying the inner frame with Silver+black paint though its not so obvious here but  its ok.. most of them are going to be covered anyways. Enjoy the pics!!

Thanks again for visiting :)


  1. what color did you use for the frame bro?

  2. Silver acrylic paint from a brand called '''Faskolor'' i added a bit of black from tamiya acrylic and a some thinner!

  3. Then the gold are from Tamiya markers :)