Monday, 10 January 2011

[Gallery] Gundam Avalanche Exia GN-001/hs A01 1/100

Heya guys! sorry for not posting much lately, just came back from a short trip at Kota Kinabalu Sabah, Malaysia! to make up for it im going to post my first gallery entry now~

First up, is Gundam Avalanche Exia scale 1/100. This is actually my first gundam that i built after a long time. Built it back on september last year where i tried experiment on new things such as panel lining, painting and spraying! As you can see my painting skills were not good at that time especially the blue parts. Plus back then i didnt even clean the runners leftover so it look so amateur-ish s: Sadly i dont have a progress picture of this one, I hope to re-do this in the future! In the mean time enjoy the gallery~

Front shot

Back shot. you can see the bad painting job i made on the blue parts :S dont mind dont mind! just say that it is an intended ''weathering'' effect LOL

Close up shot

Angle shot

Angle back shot

Panel outlining details on the legs

More shots of the outlining on the legs

Thrusters popping out from the shoulder!!

More drumstick shot

... And the rest are random and action shot! too lazy to make captions now LOL

Size: For a 1/100 scale, this is a pretty satisfying size for a model with this many details! its as tall as a small Sehat bottle, There is a 1/144 scale for this kit but i like em big so yeah. The size is really reasonable

Articulation: The articulation for this gundam is kit is pretty good, you can make it crouch and do a lot of battle poses without making it look weird. I especially like the lower part of the articulation where you can even make the gundam squat to make it stand as natural as a heavy arms mecha can! though i havent try to make it split 180 degrees, my friend did attempt to make a ballet pose with this LOL!

Assembly difficulty: this kit may not be ideal for beginners as I noticed in this kit that it has a "mechanical details" feature which means that you have to fix the internal details of the gundam (which are mostly grey parts btw) and then you can cover them with the armor plates. This requires patience and you have to be sure to follow the instructions carefully as to not use or fix the wrong parts where its suppose to be! Again this kit is suitable for intermediate builders

Accuracy: The Avalanche Exia is based on the manga / novels and not from the anime so i dont know how accurate they can be as i dont really read the manga but knowing Bandai being detail whores, the details and accuracy of the kit is really good.

Overall Rating :


Personal comment:
This is the first Gundam model that i built after picking up in plastic modelling a few months ago. I have to say that for a No grade gundam, the details are pretty impressive as for this box it have mechanical details feature which is more or less like your building an MG grade but with no finger articulation. Plus i like the re-design for the Exia Gundam of this kit which makes it look less slender or ''feminine'' lol definitely a must pick if your an Exia fan! I also like how the GN blades are stored at the back making the gundam to be heavily armed wow!

Thanks for reading everyone and hope to see you soon!

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