Thursday, 13 January 2011

[Gallery] Gundam RX-78-2 Real Grade (RG) 1/144

Bonjour!!! heres another gallery post of the week! Now im going to showcase my first Real Grade that i made, the RX-78-2 Gundam. Enjoy the gallery and read my reviews for it at the bottom

your obligatory front shot

Back shot

angled shot

note the sheer details of the decals and panel outlines

Top shot

Action pose time!!

Size: This is a 1/144 scale model so it is pretty small probably as tall as an average person's hand.

Articulation: For a 1/144 scale, the articulation of this gundam is godly! i love the mechanical movements of this kit, as expected for an RG, the sheer amount of detail is just godly, when the gundam is crouching, you will see bits of the armor to slide off at the shin. Another part where the armor slide would be the arm section when you bend it.

Assembly difficulty: I never expect building a 1/144 scale to be this difficult! A real grade is basically you building a PG in small scale. So imagine the very very tiny parts of the gundam where it tends to fling away from your hands while holding it :S Not to mention the decals took pretty long time to apply cos they are everywhere! lol so take note on this. This kit requires someone who have experience in building at least a Master Grade!

Accuracy: The RX-78-2 is the original gundam design Bandai and they release the Real Grade in conjunction to their 30th anniversay! so this version have a lot of revamp going on where they add insane amount of details, panels and decals but they stay true to the original design but making it more modern and bad ass!

Overall Rating :


Personal comment:
Building a Real grade gundam was a thrilling experience for me cause its basically like building a Perfect grade but at a smaller scale. For an RG you absolutely no painting required as they managed to nail down every little bits of color details in the form of separate parts ( they even have the color parts for the machine gun mounted on their head thing!) The plastic material used in the model are high quality that it doesnt look like a ''model plastic'' at all. I do have complaints about the parts being fragile where rough handling will result in breakage especially the fingers and weapons :( So people who build this kit must be extra careful when posing it around for photoshoot. If you want to give RG a go, i suggest this kit just because it is specially made for people who have a thing for details in their models!

Thanks again for reading~ tee hee


  1. Salam, its good to see more local hobbiers touching into modelling but just to make it clear RG takes the elements of MG line not PG.i wudnt say its impossible but it'd be very difficult to build something with PG elements on a 1/144 scale. Im lookin forward to see more of your reviews, hopefully no awkward poses in the future =). cheers.

  2. Hi thanks for the comment yeah :) I myself havent owned any PG models but i did fix an MG before and as far as i can see, RG's mechanic and parts are more detailed compare to MG s: i can say that its between MG and PG then but hopefully i will get my own PG in the near future XD and all right no more awkward poses hahaha