Monday, 3 January 2011

Why modelling and other odd combinations?

A little short introductory on why i picked up a lot of hobbies and decided to blog them out here. Firstly i would like to talk about plastic modelling and figures.

Ive been interested to build things since i was young, and Gundams are definitely the coolest plastic model figure compare to building other vechicles such as cars, tanks and ships ( They are cool and all but mecha models are more awesome dont you agree? :P)

I actually build my first Gundam model when i was around 10 - 11 years old, during the Gundam Wing era (i believed i first build gundam wing itself where i bought the original kit back in Liang Toon)

Back then my building was pretty rough, i snapped open the parts with bare hands and when i finish fixing it, theres like 30% leftover parts that i didnt assemble! what you expect from a kid's work LOL Also i lack the knowledge of building Gundam and its always frustrating to see that your finished work doesnt even look as good compare to the picture shown at the boxes. Sad really.

I actually had abandoned plastic modelling altogether, though recent chain of events had awokened my dormant interest towards modelling! here are some of the reasons:

  • A couple whose into modelling *COUGH* talked a lot about different techniques and latest Gundam models with me on MSN. This had tease my interest a little bit.
  • Hobby shops in Brunei started to bring in a lot of Gundam models and related tools which makes it easier for acquiring them. This is definitely a plus too but not yet!
  • I thought that there are only a few local Gundam builders out here but i was wrong, there were a LOT of them hiding around here and there which them easily with the power of social networking sites.
  • Finally the last push that made me embrace modelling once again was that recently i was stressed with real life drama and friend issues that i need to do something to make me feel better, and went ahead to make huge purchases of MG's and the likes (retail therapy they say LOL)
So there you have it, reasons on why i've started modelling once again. I cant say that im a pro model builder yet, though after reading tutorials online, listening to advices and hands-on experience, i could say that im not a beginner level too. Then my perfectionist side also ensures that i will build an awesome model that are nicely painted, lined, trimmed, top coat and shaded. It's all about quality here ;D

whoops i would like to talk more about my other hobbies but ill save that for future posts, for now ill be back to Building more model and hunt some monsters. ciao people and thanks for reading wow!

P/s. These are my new kitties ;D !~ both are males and have no names yet. Will make a separate post about them in the future.

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