Monday, 14 February 2011

[WIP] Sinanju MG progress #1

Here is a progress of the sinanju model i did! Finally done with cutting all of the runners -3- ... now im going to attempt to spray using the air brush, for the internal parts i will be using Gun metal paint that i mixed with thinner to add more volume lol. the result was satisfying and hope i can do well on it more! pic is below the cut. And this was done so late at night like 3 am in the morning ^$%#@%^#$#%$^


 All the parts are sticked together on paper with double-sided tape. This is as to make sure that the parts wont get blown away by the airbrush. The air brush manual gave this tip and this technique is also being used by Tata and from Mr. Joe

  More shots of the internal parts before spraying

 Believe it or not, i actually did the workspray in my own room LOL! it is not reccomended if your room doesnt have good ventilation.. I have to open the window to get rid off of the smelly paint s: Note my table clock its around 2:30 am in the morning hahaha


 Here are the result of the  airbrushing!!!

 Sinanju's Finger... nice metallic feel ^^

Thanks for viewing! ill post more WIP soon ;)

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