Tuesday, 22 February 2011

[WIP] Sinanju MG progress #3 + 27th National Day

Firstly Happy 27th National Day to my country Brunei Darussalam!!!

I dont have any patriotic things to say except MERDEKA!!! haha im such a boring person :P but anyways  just to show you guys more WIP on my Sinanju~ follow the link below for more pictures wow

The head bit. I colored the vulcan gun head thingy with grey markers

 I sort of screw up during the painting process of some parts of the model including the head... accidentally used the wrong type of spray x_x very major error but i guess ill live and learn orz

 The top half of the inner frame! I decided to try out building the frame first ;D

Some details i added using gold markers

 Another mistake i made :S i forgot the existence of Gundam markers and did decals on some of the gold bits -.- hopefully its not that noticable cos the decal is really lousy orz i rather color with gold marker!!!

"metal" thrusters sprayed in silver :3 this is more than enough for me, look convincingly metallic aha

Thanks for reading!!! im left with the lower bottom and backpack of the sinanju now !!

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