Saturday, 26 February 2011

[WIP] Sinanju MG progress #4


Hi again people!! for now im going to post more progress picture of my Sinanju. I've finally completed the inner frame and so far it looks awesome!! my Sinanju is not really as good as.. say G-Tyro's version, i guess thats why im still an amateur LOL anyways enjoy the pic :) After spraying a few more  minor parts then ill start fixing the armor of it :D !!!

 Very metallic-ey and sleek~

 Details of the inner frame.. Used Gundam gold markers for the gold bits here and there. And "metal" thrusters paint effects are so awesome!

Back View. I kinda like how the thrusters are showing... like F1 racer car LOL

Close-up view of the backpack and thrusters. Notice i add a bit of red inside.

Leg part. you can see the non-painted part where the original color is meant to be light grey whoops

 The backpack really looks like an engine  o-o

Top view showing bottom

Some more detailling... yes my works is tad messy S:

 The leg part. So many Thrusters!! you have a fetish for them arent you. Mr. Katoki? lol

 Buttons and gold bit details like wow

 Close up of the thrusters

Macro shots are awesome!!

 Comparison with the shield and the inner frame.. Just when you think that  its huge, wait till its covered with the armors!! it will be more bigger..

Well thats all folks! thanks for viewing  yeah~ i know its not perfect  and got messy works here and there but ill strive to improve  over time ^.^v

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